PCSW January Jamboree 2022 Session: Head – Heart – Hands

This tool can be used to help integrate mind and body in the workshop. By creating space for the whole person to be present, you enable participants to feel more fully ‘themselves’, which makes it easier for them to engage more freely. It supports participants to overcome separations between thinking and doing and feeling and being. It can be used to reflect on different aspects of organizational life and to assess the alignment between an organization’s values and practices.  

Source: Michel Friedman, 2015, based on an approach developed by Community Development Resource Association (CDRA). 

We are going to begin with an exercise called Head – Hearts – Hands  


We’re going to be thinking about this question. What does a more gender-equitable Plymouth State University look like?

Thinking about your individual and collective strengths in the head/the heart/and the hands/feet…..What can we each bring to the table to help answer this question/contribute to opportunities to help bring a more gender-equitable Plymouth to fruition?  

1. The Head (Thinking level): concepts, theories, ideas, principles (Knowledge ● Content ● Curriculum ● Instruction ● Students ● Intellectual curiosity ● Verbal skills ● Analytic ability) 

2. The Heart (Feeling level): attitudes, emotions, and the values behind them. (Values ● Vision or mission ● Commitments ● Passion ● Will ● Beliefs ● Emotional Intelligence ● Self-awareness ● Ability to form relationships) 

3. The Hands/Feet (The ‘Will’ level): energy, motivation, commitment, and intention, skills with which to take action (Skills ● Abilities ● Experiences ● Capacities) 

We will be breaking everyone up into 3 breakout rooms with a facilitator in each room. We invite you to produce two points each for the Head, Heart and Hands/Feet as a small group. i.e. resources you have within your group either on an individual or at a collective level (your heads – hearts- and hands/feet) to create a more gender-equitable Plymouth State University.

When we invite you back we would love to hear what you’ve come up with and present to the group!