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    Thinking Outside of the Box: Using 3D Printing for a Course Assignment

    Having Student Technologists around, for me is a complete joy, seeing them grow in the position and learn new technologies every day is quite fun.  Student Technologists work alongside me in Academic Technology, and provide support to students, staff and faculty in our Print Depot and beyond! They learn in the position and teach me as well -from music, to computers and gaming I’m learning new thing(s) from these student employees everyday. I consider this mutualism of learning to be one of the best parts of my job. One of the Student Technologists, Matt Travers, recently used his skills in Meshmixer and 3D printing to design a class project. I…

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    Responsive and Universal Design Tips

    Hello PSU Community, I’ve been expanding my knowledge over the summer building little fun projects with my Arduinos via Make Crate and thinking a bit more about my role in higher education and design. I also recently started taking online courses through the University of New Hampshire and there are a number of tools I would encourage professors, staff and students to add to their digital design toolbox. One of those things is using the language tags when editing in HTML. I’ve recently dove into one of our awesome pieces of software called ReadWriteGold which is available to any student on campus. As I’ve thought about how these tools can…

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    Fidgit Spinners, 3D Printing and Science

    Folks often ask me about the usefulness of 3D printing in terms of learning. One of the major projects that occurs on campus is students producing a 3D model of themselves altered in someway thanks to ReMake & Meshmixer. In terms of other easy projects – in order to recruit students for our open Student Technologist positions during our summer Orientations – I 3D printed several popular fidgit spinners. The model I went with was the Hand Spinner Warped. As an aside the I had to scale the body to 101% to get the 608 bearings to squeeze in – using ABS and printing with a standard ABS print profile…