Tag: 3D scanning

  • 3D Scan Yourself

    One of the big projects I’ve been working on is assisting with a course with our Arts & Technologies cluster called 3D Foundations.  3D scanning using photogrammetry is a part of the curriculum in this course and students in this class are tasked with making their models and manipulating them in some way. In order to […]

  • Teaching 3D Scanning in the Field through Photogrammetry

    For our newest Student Technologist employee, I had a challenge. Using a self-directed learning method, I asked him to 3D scan one of our icons on campus – our panther statues – his task was to reproduce this model through 3D printing.  I had attempted capturing one in the winter, but it was not successful […]

  • Autodesk ReMake Ditches Mac Beta Test

    For those of you interested/invested in 3D Scanning Autodesk has seemingly limited most of its scanning programs to Windows/PC installation. The ReMake for Mac Beta test was a welcome announcement and using the software on my Mac (after not being able to install 123Catch for so long) was worth the wait. Quietly Autodesk has discontinued […]