• Autodesk Educational Software: What is Available, How Do I Get it? Current Updates for 2018

    Currently at Plymouth State we do have Educational licenses for Autodesk software. I can tell you that we do have Inventor, Maya, Fusion 360, Netfabb, 3DSMax, Mudbox and Recap available from the educational products at Lamson Library. Additionally we also support Meshmixer and have Autocad 2016 on our macs at Lamson. A full list of […]

  • Thinking Outside of the Box: Using 3D Printing for a Course Assignment

    Having Student Technologists around, for me is a complete joy, seeing them grow in the position and learn new technologies every day is quite fun.  Student Technologists work alongside me in Academic Technology, and provide support to students, staff and faculty in our Print Depot and beyond! They learn in the position and teach me […]

  • Accessibility Applications for the Classroom and Campus

    Over the last few months staff in our Academic Technology department has been partnering with Campus Accessibility Services to offer more collaboration on using accessible tools (Read Write)! and how to apply principles of Universal Design to our LMS – we use Moodle. With this in mind I wanted to mention some applications that I’ve […]

  • The Best AR/VR Applications for Higher Education – Highlights

    In the process of exploring what is out and available in the AR and VR world I wanted to bring about attention to some of the greatest innovations coming about with this technology and make some recommendations towards the end of higher education. AR Apps One of the most useful AR tools I’m aware of […]

  • AR and VR Teaching Tools

    After attending the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, I have a few tools I learned about that I would like to share for those of you interested in integrating VR & AR.  A lot of these tools are currently free and web or app based. One of the interesting take aways from the conference was that, […]

  • Teaching 3D Scanning in the Field through Photogrammetry

    For our newest Student Technologist employee, I had a challenge. Using a self-directed learning method, I asked him to 3D scan one of our icons on campus – our panther statues – his task was to reproduce this model through 3D printing.  I had attempted capturing one in the winter, but it was not successful […]

  • Responsive and Universal Design Tips

    Hello PSU Community, I’ve been expanding my knowledge over the summer building little fun projects with my Arduinos via Make Crate and thinking a bit more about my role in higher education and design. I also recently started taking online courses through the University of New Hampshire and there are a number of tools I […]

  • OER (Open Educational Resources) @ USNH

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending ATI, the theme of this year’s ATI was “Camp Open”. ATI brings together academics and technology professionals on all of our USNH campuses to talk about technology in the world of higher education. Having last been in school in 2011 for my master’s at GW, I can […]

  • 3D Printing for Purposes of Photography and Art

    This article just came out and it shows how innovation can start from the ground up – student Paul Kohlhaussen reverse engineered three expensive film cameras (we’re talking $2,500 – $4,000) to create his own wide-angle film camera. See his personal website for some additional examples of what is possible with this camera. Part of […]

  • Industry Shifts and 3D Printing is Called Out

    One of the big news stories of the week has been what has been going on at Ford Motor Company, a shift in leadership with the change of CEO that many are asking lots of questions about. Called out in the press release announcing Jim Hackett as the new CEO of Ford Motor Companies, is […]