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  • Academic Technology Amidst Covid-19

    This week (it’s only Wednesday, correct?) has been a whirlwind. We are still at work assisting in keeping operations smooth for our campus both online and in our library where we work. We invited faculty to campus on Monday and Tuesday to review some of our most important remote learning tools – Moodle (our LMS), […]

  • Creating Digital Citizens: The Static and Evolving Web

    As some of you may know, I work with DoOO (Domain of One’s Own) here at Plymouth State. I’ve recently been doing an inventory and looking through every DoOO site to find the gem sites hidden amongst over 1,000 accounts. What I’ve seen is interesting. Some of the sites set up on our platform were […]

  • PiCademy and Learning to Fail

    This summer I had the opportunity to train with the Raspberry Pi Foundation at PiCademy a face-to-face way for educators to learn both about Raspberry Pis and a crash-course in programming. What I loved about the program was an acronym they provided in the midst of our learning. That acronym was extremely valuable throughout my process […]

  • Listening to Learn – Higher Education, Learning and Making Us Robot Proof

    I’ve been listening to a few interesting discussions this week on learning, higher education and the future. The first interview I listened to was on a podcast/YouTube channel known as the Rubin Report (as a sidenote Mr. Rubin has libertarian learnings and identifies as a classical liberal, which influences his guests and interview style, however […]

  • OER (Open Educational Resources) @ USNH

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending ATI, the theme of this year’s ATI was “Camp Open”. ATI brings together academics and technology professionals on all of our USNH campuses to talk about technology in the world of higher education. Having last been in school in 2011 for my master’s at GW, I can […]

  • 3D Printing for Purposes of Photography and Art

    This article just came out and it shows how innovation can start from the ground up – student Paul Kohlhaussen reverse engineered three expensive film cameras (we’re talking $2,500 – $4,000) to create his own wide-angle film camera. See his personal website for some additional examples of what is possible with this camera. Part of […]

  • Industry Shifts and 3D Printing is Called Out

    One of the big news stories of the week has been what has been going on at Ford Motor Company, a shift in leadership with the change of CEO that many are asking lots of questions about. Called out in the press release announcing Jim Hackett as the new CEO of Ford Motor Companies, is […]

  • 3D Printing, Food and Ethical and Sustainable Vegetarianism

    As a long time vegetarian (I’m about to hit 10 years!), I’ve become immensely interested in reading up on the ethics of being vegetarian and the older I get the greater I appreciate adopting ethical reasons for vegetarianism. What is interesting is that I’m also a staunch advocate for technology and adaptation. Technology and it’s […]