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    Ultimaker S5: A Review

    Now I may not be the most savvy when it comes to dual extrusion, as this is my first ever dual extrusion printer! I’ve found the S5 to be interesting, challenging and fun all at the same time. The interesting parts: a touch screen in the front allows for visual model previews, when you are searching for your models which is super nice, it comes with a nice little USB to hold said UFP files (the file type containing that nice image and your GCode (see GitHub for more information if you want to get into the code side of it). The print cores are interesting and allow for easy…

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    3D Scan Yourself

    One of the big projects I’ve been working on is assisting with a course with our Arts & Technologies cluster called 3D Foundations.  3D scanning using photogrammetry is a part of the curriculum in this course and students in this class are tasked with making their models and manipulating them in some way. In order to have our student employees also have experience beyond assisting with the course models, we went through the process of 3D scanning ourselves. Our student technologists now all have their own 3D scans to go through the same process as the students in 3D Foundations. I worked with our student employees, and I finally had my…

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    Tufts Bray Labs and MakeItLabs Tour Highlights

    As we explore making on our campus – we’ve begun exploring what other Universities and local organizations are doing in this realm. Tufts Bray Labs, run by their engineering school, is an exemplary place where student and faculty project(s) are coming to life. Their network is really that – a network of user space(s) created They’ve developed their own Pi powered RFID system which protect(s) equipment and enables access to staff and students knowledgeable about the technology – it was very exciting to see the work they’ve accomplished on a campus that is a similar size to ours. We also visited MakeIt Labs in Nashua, a community makerspace and the…