Tufts Bray Labs and MakeItLabs Tour Highlights

As we explore making on our campus – we’ve begun exploring what other Universities and local organizations are doing in this realm.

Tufts Bray Labs, run by their engineering school, is an exemplary place where student and faculty project(s) are coming to life. Their network is really that – a network of user space(s) created

They’ve developed their own Pi powered RFID system which protect(s) equipment and enables access to staff and students knowledgeable about the technology – it was very exciting to see the work they’ve accomplished on a campus that is a similar size to ours.

We also visited MakeIt Labs in Nashua, a community makerspace and the first community makerspace in New Hampshire. Below is the photo tour of spaces throughout Bray and MakeitLabs. As you can see from my photo collection, I’m most interested in equipment and physical space(s).

Makerspace Tours 2017