From the One Button Studio to Edit!

Here at Plymouth State University, we have a One Button Studio on campus. The One Button Studio allows for easy video recording via a FAT formatted USB.

I just recorded this test video to show how the system work(s). The audio required some editing and has some artifacts that don’t make me too happy. Although quite easy these days to make videos – they can be even better with some adjustments and editing. We have a chromatte green screen with our system which works wonders in terms of recording for blue or green screen.

The audio issues are likely due to noise in the room from HVAC. I ended up taking the audio out of iMovie and editing it very quickly in Audition and then bringing the .wav file back into iMovie.

I edited the video overall in iMovie since iMovie’s Green Screen/Blue Screen editor works quite well considering the lack of front facing complexity (I do still love you Premiere Pro Chroma Key!) For beginners this kind of set up would be great for recording all of the thing(s) I talk about within the video.

Things to think about with One Button
I adjusted the camera a little bit to my height by adjusting how up/down it was facing to my liking so I would appear on the third line(s) in the video. To learn about the rule of thirds check out the video below –

Rule of thirds from Mike Browne on Vimeo.

I did externally edit my audio outside of iMovie – this will take a bit more time depending on how long your video is!

At PSU we also have Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing video so you could use whatever system you are most comfortable with (both are in the Lower Level Open Lab – but FCPX is only on a few computers ask me if you have any questions).

Here is my One Button Studio video –

One Button Studio Intro from Erika Rydberg on Vimeo.