Building on Documentation – A Place for Beginners

After about 5 years of being involved at least tertiarily with PlymouthCreate (and full ownership over the system for a bit longer than that), I was asked to develop more user support on the newbie side of I things for PlymouthCreate. I decided it was time to build a series of articles using Documentor specifically focusing on beginners to website development and our DoOO/PlymouthCreate set up. We already had our in-depth support through Documentor, the benefit of building a 2nd beginner’s focused documentation site (and yes you can build more than 1 with Documentor) is that I could recycle relevant articles and combine those with specific articles tailored to beginners.

I know when I go to classrooms I inevitably get confused faces and uncertainty with folks new to WordPress in particular. WordPress has so many complexities, I’ve spent more time this spring semester working on 1. updating our templates and keeping our systems as up-to-date as possible. and 2. focusing on expanding, updating, and changing our documentation.

I have built out an initial instance of a Beginner’s support system for folks new to PlymouthCreate. It is focused on WordPress development since the majority of our users do use WordPress. I have more to build and expand upon there, but it’s a solid starting place. I encourage others to check it out!