Autodesk ReMake Ditches Mac Beta Test

For those of you interested/invested in 3D Scanning Autodesk has seemingly limited most of its scanning programs to Windows/PC installation. The ReMake for Mac Beta test was a welcome announcement and using the software on my Mac (after not being able to install 123Catch for so long) was worth the wait. Quietly Autodesk has discontinued ReMake for Mac and the support for the software will end on March 31st, 2017.

The response I received in a forum for the product was this “As ReMake is very demanding on the hardware specifications and graphics support, Remake’s team found that only Windows could provide a stable platform to develop it and provide a good user experience.”

For those interested in mirroring Windows on your Mac Autodesk did provide this solution. Given ReMake’s awesome abilities I was a bit disappointed to hear that support was ending. The good news is for those of you with PC based labs interested in scanning ReMake is still a great option – but this is all the more reason to keep diverse OS, computers and microcontrollers in your university makerspaces.