Autodesk Educational Software: What is Available, How Do I Get it? Current Updates for 2018

Currently at Plymouth State we do have Educational licenses for Autodesk software. I can tell you that we do have Inventor, Maya, Fusion 360, Netfabb, 3DSMax, Mudbox and Recap available from the educational products at Lamson Library. Additionally we also support Meshmixer and have Autocad 2016 on our macs at Lamson. A full list of what is available from Autodesk Education is here. There is a whole suite  of many products available. And if there is further software your program needs for a course I highly recommend reaching out to us when ITS sends out our software requests which as a Plymouth State professor, you should receive

For setting up an account for students, a direct URL is here to the Autodesk education sign up. Right now the educational license is available for 3 years for a user whether you’re a student, faculty or staff of an institution. This is perfect for a second year student starting to get a handle on more complex software like what is available in the Autodesk suite.

Keep in mind which software is available and how it functions could be different than the professional versions of the software, which isn’t quite so clear on Autodesk’s website (if you have questions please send me or PSU an email through our Help Desk at

Why go over this? We’ve been teaching with iterations of Autodesk’s photogrammetry software for the last two years, and as the software has changed, we’ve had to follow what is happening with Autodesk’s suite and products.