AR and VR Teaching Tools

After attending the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, I have a few tools I learned about that I would like to share for those of you interested in integrating VR & AR.  A lot of these tools are currently free and web or app based.

One of the interesting take aways from the conference was that, there are two things you need in your phone to take advantage of VR footage on your phone – you want to make sure you have an accelerometer and gyroscope in your smartphone, which give your VR app experiences on your phone a sense of motion and position. By looking in the specs for your phone you can usually locate these tools.

The first tool is Metaverse, which allows one to easily create an AR story, scavenger hunt and more.

The next tool is Vizor, which allows you to create 360 VR experiences using 360 degree photos.

Lastly a bit more of a combination of low-tech and high-tech is Panoform VR, an amazing tool which let’s your 2D drawings become 3D.

Google’s Street View App allows you to easily to take and add 360 degree photos which then you can view in VR using the Ricoh Theta app!

Ricoh cameras came heavily recommended alongside simply VR headsets that one can use with their phone – the new View-Master for example.

If you’re an early adapter in K-12 there is still time to sign up for Google Expeditions as well.

There are a ton more tools out there. I’m planning on a nicer not so rainy day this week to take some Google Street View images of our campus.