3D Scan Yourself

Erika Owl 3D model
3D Scan of Erika Rydberg as an owl, i.e. I’m watching you.

One of the big projects I’ve been working on is assisting with a course with our Arts & Technologies cluster called 3D Foundations 3D scanning using photogrammetry is a part of the curriculum in this course and students in this class are tasked with making their models and manipulating them in some way. In order to have our student employees also have experience beyond assisting with the course models, we went through the process of 3D scanning ourselves. Our student technologists now all have their own 3D scans to go through the same process as the students in 3D Foundations. I worked with our student employees, and I finally had my first relatively successful 3D scan done in our Studio Station (our version of a One Button Studio).

Process: We found it is better to move in 10 degree increments around our model rather than say putting yourself in a spinning chair turning and scanning (this works very well with small models in a light box, but not as well with people). We also found the lighting situation in the Studio Station to be ideal for our 3D scans. We used ReCap Education for stitching our scans and Meshmixer to “mix” our 3D files.

We also managed to make a colleague into a salt and pepper shaker per his request as a holiday gift. Just some ideas for the your next 3D scan.

3D pepper shaker
3D Pepper Shaker made through 3D scanning