Plugins and Image Resources within WordPress for Students

I’m going to today go over and recommend some best of plugins for WordPress and updated photo resources. One of the things students ask all the time is – how and where do you find images? We support Domain of One’s Own here at Plymouth State University, and as a long-time user of WordPress I have some information I wanted to share. I have been recommending for a while, and I recently found as well. With those in mind Pixabay has a plugin for WordPress which may be of value for student learners, however, with the new block functioning of WordPress blogging, some of the image tools listed at the top here, have not yet been updated (ImageInject still works!). However, most of the recommended tools I’m posting today have block posting functionality in mind. These are fantastic tools however for the open institutions – there are a number of other tools I’m looking at including ImageInject and PhotoDropper.

Other recommended Plugins run the gamut, but I’m going to begin by listing some I use out in the real world and others I am testing or using and would recommend to all students or those just starting out with WordPress or finding a specific purpose to their site.




SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For some introductory information about Yoast I recommend this blog post.  Note if you’re looking for Google Search engine optimization you’ll need a Google account as well so keep this in mind and lastly SEO does not translate to academic writing necessarily, so if you upload YOAST you might see some not so good messages on your blog posts, keep in mind this tool is built to support SEO it’s not built on supporting your PhD.

Image Optimization

WordPress Tools for SEO and More

Social Media

Contact Forms

Site Search

Google Analytics


Events Calendar

Recipe Maker


Online-Style Quiz Generator

Audio and Video Posts Hosted in WordPress

Embed PDFs

360 Video

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